Bling for Engagement, Band for Wedding

Do you agree that engagement rings generate more attention than a wedding ring? Remember those times when a girlfriend who has just gotten engaged becomes the centre of attention after she reveals the 'bling' for all to see. The bigger the rock, the more 'oohs' and 'aahs' are heard.

THE Ring
A wedding ring on the other hand is necessary. This is THE ring that will proclaim your status as a spouse. An enduring symbol of the promise you made to your beloved. This is THE ring that is worn by both the wife and the husband. However it is often seen as a less involved purchase. Why is that?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are different both in appearance and symbolism. As a matter of tradition, engagement rings are worn prior to marriage to signify one's engaged status.

An engagement ring could come in any form. It is a modern norm that many women are presented with rings that are with a prominent gemstone on them, often a diamond. Hence the 'oohs' and 'aahs' of attention versus the conventional simple wedding rings.


Rings that bind

Every couple wants their wedding to be unique and different from the rest. You take great effort to ensure the event is a memorable one. In the same vein, you could also start a lifetime's journey as a couple with rings that binds your love for each other. Let the wedding ring be a secret missive between two heart that no one else need know. Let the wedding ring be a memory that two lovers cherish.

A reflection of your own personality

Your rings can be a reflection of your own personality. Your rings can be a reflection of your shared interests. You can have custom crafted his and her rings that will make you smile after years have gone by, remembering the precious moments surrounding the creation of the rings.


Designs and symbols of your choice

Yes, there are numerous designs out there. Choices are just simply bewildering, as jewelry designers continue to push the envelope on creativity. But today, you have the luxury of fashioning your own ring, with designs and symbols as well as metals and precious stones of your choice.

It is a luxury maybe few could afford in the last millennium. But changing tastes as well as respect for people's innate need for individuality, has happily brought the new phenomenon of unique wedding bands into the mainstream. Now, isn't that simply fantastic?


Bling for engagement, band for wedding. Both deserve your equal amount of attention and consideration. After all, a marriage is made up of two ~ a wife AND a husband

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