Rhythm with Wit

I would like to thank Steven and Sunny for allowing me to share my joyful experience of creating their Unique Wedding Bands recently.  (P/S:  As you may have noticed by now, we do not share all the jewelry pieces we create, and when we do, it is done with the blessings of the owners).

I had loads of fun doing their unique wedding ring.  When I first met them, the first thing I thought was, "These two love birds really do enjoy each other's company".  They were talking about themselves and each other in a very rhythmic manner, almost as if they were singing a duet.  They were teasing one another in a very playful and straightforward manner without being "too direct" and yet getting the message across.  They were very spontaneous when it came to what they love doing together.  There were so much of laughter throughout the entire chit chat session.  I just had so much fun because they were truly participating in the conversation about themselves with me.

When I went back to work on their wedding ring concept, it was nearly a breeze for me because of their 100% openness about themselves.  This is one of the most important factors in allowing me to be able to capture their essence and translating that into a pair of unique wedding ring.  More importantly, Steven, the bridegroom-to-be then, contributed a very important input into his ring which made it even more meaningful for them.

On the outside, their wedding ring may look just like another to some, with some artistic designs and gemstones on it, but the true essence of the ring is about them.  They (and of course I do too) know what the gems represent, the hidden message inside the designs and how to read their secret love missive inside the ring.

My joy of creating wedding rings comes most when couples participate in the creation of their wedding rings.  They may not know what they want, but so long they are able to share their stories as much as possible and be honest about how they feel, it is already a form of participation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart again Steven and Sunny for the wonderful and joyful experience of working with you on your Unique Wedding Bands.  You make my day!

All my heart,

Wendy Lor

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