Everyone CAN Draw!

An extract from the Soft Wax Technique created by Wendy Lor, workshop held on 4 January 2011 on "Drawing":

""Everyone CAN draw!" exclaims Wendy Lor at her Soft Wax technique workshop held on 4 January 2011. Her views on drawing:

"What is drawing? If you say you can't draw in comparison to those who can draw and paint 'beautifully', then you are right! But if you were to look at the context of drawing not in comparison with anything, then that is not right. All you need to do is to pick up a pen or pencil and start flowing with it, you are already drawing.

I don't believe that only the artist and the "gifted" ones can draw. Everyone CAN draw! The only thing is whether you can draw like copying nature to the exact details. That is not what we are dealing with. We are dealing with whether you can draw or cannot draw and the answer is everyone CAN draw!

When Michael (referring to one of Wendy's apprentices) first came to me, he told me, "But I can't draw." Today he is drawing every day. He is drawing, because of some guidance, from his heart. So Michael, can you draw now? Michael, "YES!".

So do not let all those preconceived ideas and what others have told you that you can or cannot draw, stop you from creating. You may not draw to the exact details of the object you see like an artist, but you definitely will be able to draw to create your own jewelry piece." ~ Wendy Lor.

Now that's something a person like me, who denies my drawing abilities, loved hearing...I can draw too. At least to create my own jewelry piece at the Soft Wax Technique created by Wendy Lor, workshop.

This unique workshop has made it possible for jewelers to create models which are very 3D and dynamic and even hobbyist can create their own jewelry pieces, be it you can draw or not!

To find out more about this Soft Wax Technique created by Wendy Lor, email us at askwendylor@wendylorartisans.com.

Raw footages of pictures taken at the "Everyone CAN Draw!" session:

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