Today we are very thankful to have Hoo’s and Doreen’s blessings   to share their Unique Wedding Bands called “Hugs”.  They are one of the many blessed couples who appreciate the simplest things in life, and yet living it to their fullest.

When we first met, we were 2½ weeks away from their registration date.  We had only 2½ weeks to work on their concept, design and the full works.

The conversation we had was very light and informative.  No frills, they just expressed themselves as openly and honestly as they could.  We spoke in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Language was no barrier.  What mattered was we could feel the nice, positive energy of this lovely couple.  

Within a week, we had the concept and design agreed upon. What helped was Hoo’s and Doreen’s openness to share.  The following week was spent to produce the ring and had the fitting done.  And 2 days later, we delivered their Unique Wedding Bands to them.

To protect the privacy of this wonderful couple, we shall not go into the details of the concept and design.  But what we can share is, their rings will remind them of the reasons why they are together, the one thing that binds them and their personal message for each other.      

We are happy to be able to put another smile on another customer’s face.

We wish Hoo and Doreen and all their beloved ones a very happy journey in life together.  May you be blessed with Love, Joy and Peace always!

All my heart,

Wendy Lor

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