Ideas for a Unique Proposal Ring

Ideas for a Unique Proposal Ring...pst..pst..this one's for the guys only. (P/S: Gals, if you happened to read on and like what you read, remember to "accidentally" send this link to your loved one).

It's wonderful when we get enquiries from guys who want something special for their loved ones. The guys that we eventually meet after some initial introduction via email are absolutely sweet and charming.

It's very heart warming indeed when we hear the reasons why they would want a uniquely designed proposal ring for their chosen one.

Some really do fall in love at first sight. He knows for sure that she is the one he wants to grow old with, after spending much time knowing her. Some only find out that the one that's been in front of their eyes all the time has been THE one all this while. Some find the true one after traveling half the globe to find her on the other end. Some have known each other as kids, grew up as teenagers, and fell in love as young adults. The stories are aplenty.

You definitely have your own story to tell. No matter how many we have met, not one story of love is exactly the same. So to all the guys who are in love, and have chosen that special one to be THE one, share with us your stories and leave the rest to us. We will have that special essence captured in your proposal ring and she will only want to say YES immediately.

One of the major benefit besides having your unique story captured in the unique proposal ring, is the unique wedding band will be made to fit. This means SHE will wear both the unique wedding band and proposal ring as if they were made as one. And indeed they are, simply because our idea and conceptualization begins with the end in mind.

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