You're engaged. What's next?

Hi everyone.  This is a week of celebrations, especially for our fellow Malaysians who will be celebrating Hari Raya in a few more days.  Wishing everyone a joyous celebration and happy holidays.  And drive safe too.

For some of you out there, you may be busy planning something else.  Engagement perhaps or maybe  even your big day.  We helped a friend planned his proposal recently, and yes his girlfriend did say yes.  How could she not, after all the careful and precise planning of a romantic yet down-to-earth kind of proposal.

So if you're just engaged.  What's next?  After all, engagement is the start towards that big day in your life when you finally marry your sweetheart. First of all, relax.

Give yourself a few days to calm down and get over the emotional high of impending nuptials, before getting to work. Whether you plan to have a grand fairytale wedding or a quiet reception, there are some basic things to consider.


Set a date
Firstly, set a date for the wedding. This is easier said than done, especially among Asians where you are expected to choose a date that is auspicious as well as convenient for everyone.  Discuss this with your partner. Fixing a definite date in the future will enable you to plan better and have more choice in matters of catering and venue. Plus, it gives you more time to save money towards that wedding budget.

Helping hands

Luckily, weddings are a family affair. Friends often offer to help out as well. So you won't have to do it all alone. Regardless, it is wise for you to sit down and broadly outline what you need for the wedding you visualize. Get that checklist going.

A smart rule to follow
Many couples get carried away in ensuring that their wedding is beautiful and unforgettable. Here's a smart rule you may want to observe. Invest more in the things that last.  Gold and jewelry are purchases that will last and also retain or have its value appreciate as time goes by. Spending on them is an investment that benefits you in the long term.  On the other hand, splurging on items which you will only use once may be something you may wish to think twice about - even if it does make you look like a million dollars on that one special day.



Engage a wedding planner
Planning a wedding is decidedly complex. If your budget allows you to, do engage the services of a wedding planner. It will free you to attend to more important matters such as choosing your bridal wear and jewelry, and arranging the marriage registration.

Your wedding ring
Last, but not least, the wedding ring. It will accompany you throughout your married life. Invest in one that symbolizes your hopes, love and essence of your relationship with your significant other. A wedding ring that contains your own story. Isn't that simply romantic?

P.S. Download the UniqueWeddingBands wedding planner to help you plan the most perfect wedding.

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