The Enduring. The Unique. The Trendy: Wedding Ring

Centuries ago, in the riverbank civilizations of the Nile, the idea of marriage and weddings took root. Festivities were held, and men and women came together before society as wedded couples.

In those times, wedding rings were fashioned from such materials as reed and weed, and worn on the left ring finger. These were meant to indicate the wearer's marital status. However, although the bond of marriage may have lasted, the rings themselves rarely did.

Ring made of reed and weed in ancient times rarely last

As civilizations grew more sophisticated, and the science of metallurgy advanced, metal rings replaced the reeds and until this day, has continued to adorn many fingers.

In the Middle Ages, gold and silver rings were common, but among the nobilities of Europe, gold wedding rings were worn, as an added symbol of wealth and status.

By the Elizabethan era England, diamonds and other precious stones featured prominently on wedding rings.

But perhaps the most significant contribution of the era to ring design is the interlocking set of three rings that were worn by the bride, groom and the witness during the engagement period. These would then be produced on the day of wedding for the bride to wear during the ceremony.

In the 18th century, many women in Ireland commonly wore the Claddagh ring. Its distinctive design features hands that clasp a heart, with a crown topping it. The elements used symbolize love, friendship and loyalty, and often worn as a wedding ring.

The 20th century saw an explosion in creativity that resulted in an astounding variety of designs available to everyone. As it drew to a close and the new millennium dawned, rings became far more elegant and minimalist in style.

Today, a favored wedding ring among those who can afford it is the eternity ring. This ring has diamonds surrounding the entire band and to signify eternal love.

But perhaps the best news of all is that today you can stop browsing the endless choices available, and have it custom-made just the way you like it.

After all, your marriage is a unique journey with two travelers walking the path towards the future, hand in hand.

Isn't it only fitting that you stamp the essence of your love upon the ring with which you begin the journey?

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