Sharing Our Wealth Together

Fen Jin Tong Wei
(Sharing The Ups and Downs in Life Together)

It struck me from the start that Tony was an outdoors, sun-loving man, while Stepfanie preferred homely or indoor activities. But there was definitely a shared love for them - their passion for dogs and food!

They were practically one person speaking the moment they started talking about food. They were also in unison when they started describing their love for their dogs.

I was inspired to show their mutual love as treasure of their wealth in their Inspired Band. For their creation, I designed the rings to look like just any other ordinary wedding bands, with some inscriptions on the surface. But when you take a closer look and tilt it to a certain side angle, you will see a bowl sitting on a plate.

The plate and bowl represents Fen Jin Tong Wei in Chinese, which when translated means “sharing the ups and downs in life together”. It is a pleasant surprise that speaks of their strong union.

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