Cool metal or warm?

Jewelry to match your complexion

These days, there are many options available to those buying wedding jewelry. However, there is a factor that is often the least considered in the purchase of the wedding ring.

Cool metal or warm?

First of all, let's examine what is considered cool or warm metal. Simply put, gold, rose gold (a gold and copper alloy), bronze, brass and copper are considered warm metals because of their respective colors.


Metals and alloys considered cool include silver, titanium, white gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other such silver-hued metals used in jewelry.


Warm metals would bring out the best in a warm toned skin while cold metals work similarly with cool-toned skin. There is an easy way to determine your skin tone. In natural light (during the day, stand by an open window), make a fist and examine your inner wrist. What color are the veins?

Veins that appear blue are a sign of cool tones, while green veins are a hint that you are warm toned. If your veins are a mix of blue and green, it could be a sign that you are neutral toned, in which case, you can wear both cool and warm metals with equal success.

Here is another test. Find a piece of silver fabric and a piece of gold fabric. Stand in front of a mirror in natural light. Hold each piece of fabric next to your face, one at a time and examine.

If the silver makes your face light up, you are most likely cool toned. If the gold makes you look fresh and alive, you are probably warm toned.

A noteworthy point is that not all fair-skinned people have a cool skin tone and likewise, not all dark skinned ones have a warm skin tone.

Do consider these points as you weight your decision to buy your wedding jewelry as ultimately, they are adornments meant to bring out your best on the best day of your life.

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