Like the Roots of a Tree

It's been a hectic month as it's the wedding season of the year and if not you, then someone you know is getting married.

Firstly, my heartfelt gratitude to Mohd Rozairi and Lynn Najib for giving me their blessings to share my experience in creating their unique wedding bands with everyone.

Rozairi and Lynn is a very beautiful couple.  Their story was related to me by my colleague who met them for the getting-to-know you session.  It is so very important for couples to share as much as they can about their stories so that we are able to extract their essence and translate that into their unique wedding ring.

Immediately after the brief, I gathered that Lynn is a very outgoing, fun-loving person.  She simply adores her life partner, Rozairi.  As for Rozairi, he may have appeared to talk less, but he is no lesser in terms of internal strength.  I could feel why Lynn loves him so.  Just like the roots of a big tree, their relationship is built on solid grounds.  They both just become a better person when together.  Soul mates, in short.

Before I created their rings, Lynn requested to have some gemstones on it.  She just loves the bling!  And her favourite colour happens to be pink.  Well, I am a firm believer of wearing something which brings out the best in you and not be "swayed" by the norm.  I offered her two options, one is the diamond and the other, a gemstone which suited her personality - pink sapphire.  Oh boy!  She had a bit of a challenge deciding on which.  The one almost everyone is telling her to take or the one that is closer to her heart?

Did you guess right?  She decided on the one closer to her heart!  The result of her unique wedding band is one that is uniquely hers with sparkles of pink.  Just like pink flowers blossoming on a tree with the support of the strong roots of a tree.

Rozairi's ring is a Suasa ring whilst Lynn's a 18K white gold ring

After all, a wedding ring is ideally something couples will wear all their life - to remind them of the perfect moments they have together, the precious feelings they have for each other and the multitude of reasons why they were always meant to be.

Congratulations for Rozairi and Lynn as they embark on this new chapter of their life journey together as husband and wife.

All my heart,

Wendy Lor

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