Two As One

When I met Andrew and Joo Wei it was very clear that this was a couple enveloped by love, care and security.

I found him a very loving man who wants to take care of his family, and her, an independent women who appreciates his admiration and adoration.

Indeed his words about her were: "I want to protect her", while hers revolved around the fact that she loves the way he adores her.

With the theme of protection and adoration surrounding this couple, I created the 'Two As One' Inspired Band specially to symbolise their love.

Joo Wei's ring can be kept safely inside Andrew's, a perfect and comfortable fit. The moment Andrew's ring is opened, you find her ring too. Both exist individually, but are stronger as one.

When they brought the Inspired Band to their wedding registration, they faced a puzzled registrar. “Why only one ring? Did you forget the other one?" he asked. Andrew cheekily opened up his ring, and took Joo Wei's ring out. The whole room burst into great laughter.

It is heart-warming occasions like these that bring joy to my work, as it showcases the true celebration of love, romance and happiness.

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