Unique Anniversary Ring

Still Holding Hands After All These Years

We do quite a number of anniversary rings. It is an extension of the unique wedding rings concept, except that it has more 'meat' to it. This is for the simple fact that the couple has been with each other (in the eyes of the law) for more than 1 year. The 'oldest' anniversary band on our record is 30 years. Soon, a 50th year anniversary band will be in the making for a very loving senior couple.

It is very heart warming to meet couples who have been with each other for what seems like forever, to still talk to each other lovingly, teasing each other and laughing at each other's silly jokes.

It is even more touching to see an old couple walking on the streets and holding each other’s hands. This is a rare sight these days. But when we see one, we count that as a blessing as it reminds us that it is possible to love someone ‘til the end of time, and still be romantic at it after all these years.

The gesture of holding hands on the streets may seem a very simple act of romance on the surface. However, when we understand the couple's journey through the years, be it through thick or thin, in good times or bad, in sickness or in health, then that simple act of still holding those hands goes way beyond the surface.

"Creating wedding anniversary rings adds depth to the unique rings we do.  Thank you to all the lovely couples that have shared their joy and love of countless years with us."~ Wendy Lor.

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