Our Quickie Guide For Your Wedding Preparation

This is our "quickie" guide on the major items to prepare for your wedding day.  This guide is based on our personal experiences of being "wedding planners" for some of our dearest friends.  It was all for the fun of it as we wanted the real life, hands-on experience.  Rest assured, we are still very much into wedding rings.  The whole wedding works was so we have a total experience of the grand celebration.  It's been a wonderful journey indeed and thank god, most of us get married only once!

We are assuming you have proposed (for the guys) and you have said yes (for the gals).  And you both are on the same page on getting this rolling.

First of all, get that blank sheet of paper or notebook or iPad, anything that will help you record down the checklist.  Trust us, you do need this.  So that, things AND people are not left out.

Next, set your Date.  Hopefully, the date you choose gives you ample time to prepare what you need.  But in case, it doesn't, don't sweat ~ this quickie guide will get you sorting out the bigger stuffs!

The next thing we are suggesting is probably not in many checklists out there, but it sure does make magic happen.  Big Magic!  The tip is Get Help!!!  You'll be surprise how many willing helping hands there are out there.  After all, weddings are a family affair.  Friends often offer to help out as well.  You are really not alone.  All you need to do is Ask.

Once you get the above into place, you are ready to go into the details such as wedding location, wedding guests list, wedding card design, wedding photography, wedding gown, wedding ring, wedding make-up, wedding cake, wedding bouquet, wedding reception menu, wedding theme and last but not least, your honeymoon spot.  We know of many couples that choose to forgo this as they say much has been spent on the big day, leave this for later.  However, we realize that this is an important bonding session for newly weds, and should be in the major checklist, just like the rest.

The fun, as they say and we have experienced it, is in the journey.  Here's a toast to you from us!

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