Bridging Arts & Science Through Technology

All our UWB customers had experienced the magic of the software we are using for our jewelry designs and we were honored to be invited as one of the key speakers to share our success story on using Solidworks at Solidworks Innovation Day 2011. The theme this year is "Winning in Business."

An audience of 200 ~ 90% engineers wondering what is a jewelry artisan doing in their field?


All were amazed at the jewelry pieces created with Solidworks

When asked why Solidworks, an engineering software over many other jewelry design softwares, here's what Wendy has to say, ""I thought of only one thing, “What do I, as an artist, have in common with an engineer? The secret is, “an engineer and an artist, they both see things in 3D. The only difference is an engineer see things in terms of linear because of all the lines and we artist, think in terms of curves. It's amazing how the engineering sector has gone so far and I told myself I must learn this. Even IME (Solidworks' largest distributor in Malaysia)  didn't really believe we could use this then.""

Wendy Lor with Yew Kay from IME, her Solidworks "Sifu"

”For the longest time art and science can never meet eye to eye. But the moment you find that bridge to bridge the both of them, it opens up to a whole new world of possibilities. And this is where we are talking about the blue ocean. The world is big enough ~I have found mine, I hope you find yours too." ~ Wendy Lor on bridging the gap between arts and science through Solidworks for her jewelry designs.

In brief, Solidworks offers 3-D mechanical design software that helps engineers speed up product development, translates designs into 3-D models, and communicate product ideas more effectively for customers and collaborators. Customers range from consumer products makers to automotive and aerospace companies.  And now, the jewelry industry too :-)

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