UWB Goes To Jakarta!

I had the privilege of visiting Jakarta a few months back ~ yes, I know this is much backdated but still something worth sharing with everyone.  This round was to make a set of UWB and set of jewelry for a heartwarming couple, Luke & Widya who will be tying the knot sometime next year.

Jakarta has a population of 9.58 million.  It is the most populous city in Southeast Asia and the tenth-largest city in the world.  So you can imagine the sea of people in one shopping complex especially when it is a public holiday or the weekends.  I was over-whelmed just by staring at the heads from the top floor of one of the bigger complexes.

I say I never work a day & this still stands true.  And this is simply because I love what I do & I make my work my play and vice versa.  Therefore, whenever I travel, one of the things I do is to look for the best kinds of food, local ones especially, because I love good food :)....

Before I continue, I must stress that this is not a food blog.  This next part about food is just an appetizer before I get to the jewelry creation section.

It's the special sauce that makes this 'rojak' (mix of fruits) so GOOD!  Then, I found out it is because of the palm sugar (from the coconut tree) which gives the sauce its' unique fragrance.  A must try if you are visiting Jakarta!


My favorite fish in Jakarta ~ the Gurame.  If you have never tried Gurame while in Jakarta, it also means you have never really been to Jakarta.


Sambal belacan - ground chili with shrimp paste ~ a must-have condiment to go with Gurame and rice.  Incidentally these 5 empty saucers of the sambal were finished by just one person!

There you go, my top 3 must-eat item while in Jakarta.  I have a fourth one, but unfortunately, did not take a picture of that.  It's the juice alpokat ~ avocado smoothie blend with chocolate sauce.  Super duper yummy.

Next up, back to the jewelry business.  It warms my heart every time I meet couples who have known each for the longest time, goes through the roller coaster route, takes a few turns to learn about life and finally realizing that they were meant for each other.  And this sums up my experience of meeting one of the most heart warming couples ever, Luke and Widya.

After hearing their stories, it's ring size measurement time.  All our rings are created for comfort fit.

Nothing beats the old-fashioned measuring tape when ensuring a personalized necklace is at the correct length
Even an ear-ring is measured for accuracy & comfort
A bracelet to complete a full set of jewelry for the lovely bride
For display of the final pieces, we would need to wait for my future posts as it is still work-in-progress for now.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Luke and Widya for their blessings for allowing us to share their snapshots and UWB journey.

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