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Insignia Of Love
Bridal Guide Volume 13
July 2010

Wendy Lor, a name that is synonymous for aristocratic yet subtle solitaires that are made and designed prudently to capture the desired conceptualization of her steadfast patrons. Hailing from the old town of Petaling Jaya, this benevolent matron was indeed a Visual Arts scholar.

Born into a family of jewelers, she never envisioned herself as a jewelry designer. Her journey to genuine craftsmanship embarked only seven years ago, when she discovered the heart of her inner self. When asked about what fascinated her to pursue this line of designing, she humbly answered me, “I am inspired by all that is beautiful and meaningful; be it art or science. I feel like a magician when I mould something out of nothing.”

With the intensifying devotion for jewelry designing, Wendy Lor has come up with a conception that is inevitably brilliant. Unique Wedding Bands by WendyLorArtisans is the epitome of exclusivity for a couple who wish to go beyond the ordinary. Here at WendyLorArtisans, your love fable is inculcated with ingenuity to furnish your one-of-a-kind band of love, machinated to befit the recherché amalgamation you are becoming a part of.

Unlike most wedding bands, the Message Band by WendyLorArtisans is a love epistle, an arcane message uniting two hearts. More often than not, wedding bands signify the ideas or symbols of love, but here, you are able to articulate the desired message on the ring of our loved one.

Climatically, it is all about you and your other half. Tender and inspiring, like blissful whispers of love. The Inspired Band on the other hand, aspires to form the transcendent expression of rarity which every couple ardors. The term ‘custom made’ falls short as our Artisan distinctively incarcerates the quintessence of your exceptional love story, effectuating your deep amore for one another. It will be you and your dearest, personified….

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