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CLOVE, Sunday Star
October 2010

Express your feelings for one another through customized wedding bands

by Olivia Lee

Shopping for a wedding band to spell out your eternal love for your other half can be quite frustrating if a) the available rings are substandard representations of your undying love, b) the pricing is unreasonably exorbitant, and c) neither of you can agree on a pair.

So, to save yourself from the headaches (and arguments), why not design your own?

Local jewellery designer Wendy Lor is a person you can turn to.

All you have to do is tell her your beautiful love story and she will convey it into exquisite bands.

Lor, with 20 years of experience, captures the emotions through her innate craftsmanship.  Thus far, she has achieved a 100% success rate in terms of nailing the design according to her client’s requirement.

“I bring the essence of the couple into the ring and by doing that, I believe it’s no longer about Wendy Lor or the brand, but the couple,” she expresses.
The 42-year old designer says that the majority of the couples that go to her, have tried shopping for rings before consulting her.
“They will say that they couldn’t find anything they like but I believe it’s more than not being able to find the right ring.
“I am just an instrument that helps tell their story,” explains Lor, the founder of WendyLorArtisans and Unique Wedding Bands.
To begin, Lor will aks the couple to relate their courtship and romance.  Every little detail helps, from favourite colour to personal likes and dislikes.
“We have to be truthful about ourselves especially when doing something sacred.  The more honest they are, the better I can come up with the designs,” she advises.
Whether or not it’s necessary for the couple to have a preconceived idea of how they’d want their rings to look, Lor says it’s not but it can be helpful.
Having said that, Lor did turn away a couple because the bride continuously rejected Lor’s designs because Lor did not live up to the Tiffany & Co. design the bride wanted.
Lor is adamant that she does not do copies of designer rings as it is her duty to translate the couple’s story and “materialize that desire” into the most extraordinary wedding band.
There are two categories within Unique Wedding Bands, which are Unique Message Band or The Inspired Band.
The former is crafted to articulate the secret message between the couple, which Lor describes as “a meaningful whisper of love” whilst the latter designs are constructed “to suit the couple’s beautiful union”.
The materials and gems are decided by Lor based on the couple’s budget and from her deduction of the story.
The rings will usually be in white or yellow gold in either 9K, 12K or 18K and if gems are used, couples can expect either diamonds or genuine precious stones.
For Muslim men who don’t wear gold for religious reasons, Lor makes Suasa rings with a touch of modern white, instead of the conventional reddish colour metal.
Lor, who does everything from designing to the making of the rings, always take functionality into account since the couple will be wearing the rings everyday.  “I will not compromise on comfort,” she says.

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