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May, 2007
Rhythm in Blue Waters
by Nur A’ainaa
Photography by Mel Cashen

Wendy Lor has always had a dream to exhibit beautiful, graceful, and amazing jewelleries. That dream has finally come true. A silversmith by training and jewellery artisan by profession with more than 16 years of experience, she is now Calistine’s Sdn Bhd main shareholder and Managing Director with a brand name WendyLorArtisans (WLA).

Rhythm in Blue Waters

A name that is more than a reflection of her need for recognition. It is her passion to contribute actively to the promotion of Malaysian artisans abroad and to ensure that the art of handcrafting jewellery is not lost in this day and age of modern manufacturing process. As such, her passion is reflected in the practices of her company, which inclides the training of apprentices according to an internally developed training program.

Henry, who was one of Wendy Lor’s first apprentices, was only 14 years old when Wendy started teaching him. Henry has said many great things about his tutor, one of the honest and sweetest things he has said would be, “Wendy believes that everyone deserves a second chance and she is very helpful in making anyone, especially my dream come true.”

She has also helped Miss Adeline Choo, Miss Malaysia 2006, in various ways and most importantly for being Miss Malaysia, making her look gorgeous. The minute they met, they have found a lot of things in common and clicked on the spot. Wendy Lor has designed a set of jewellery for our Miss Malaysia, which is a reflection of her uniqueness. It is made out of gold and the main attraction would be the fact that the pieces were found in a shipwreck, pieces of China bowls or cups. It gives a precious historical beauty that lies within the jewellery and our very own Miss Malaysia.

Wendy Lor, whose inspiration, innovative style, and resourceful nature has made her popular among the most talented jewelers in Malaysia; and her kind-hearted, fun-loving personality makes her an idol for anyone who has dreams that needs to be fulfilled.

WendyLorArtisans (WLA) unveiled its latest season’s semi-precious and precious stones silver jewellery. Enigmatically entitled Valley Spirit: Water Series; it is, like most of her previous creation, inspired by nature and the ethereal yin qualities of water and the feminine mystique.

This season’s collection echoes the ethereal and luminous qualities of nature’s essential element, water. As an element, it is ever in motion, morphing from liquid to the vaporous. In its stable liquid form, it encapsulates the yin qualities that, in Chinese culture, are synonymous with the feminine, the mysterious, the nurturing and the alluring. It its vaporous form it resonates with life-giving energy.

There are two sub-themes that capture the water’s unique traits – Rhythm and Swirl.

With the Rhythm collection, silver is allowed to playfully twist and turn and find its own form, as it were. Pools of silver are allowed to stagnate, expand and flow at will. Each piece has a cadence of its own; a tempo and a beat to echo the complexity of the woman who wears it.

With the Swirl collection, silver is twisted and teased to form labyrinthine, continuous motion; a heady intoxicating flow that’s as intense as it is gentle and swaying. In doing so, Wendy Lor has arrested silver in its liquid state.

Each piece of jewellery that results from WendyLorArtisans is a piece of art; each deisgn is individually drawn, modeled and produced by hand. Each twist of metal and each setting is painstakingly and lovingly put through the paces. There’s no rushing when it comes to handcrafted jewellery, especially when mass production isn’t the aim. Instead, Wendy is much more consumed with making each piece as unique as possible.

The elements present in nature, such as fire, water and air inspires Wendy Lor, and the energy of these elements captured in the many precious and semi-precious stones she uses. Contemplate the collections WendyLorArtisans have produced. Among them: the Gaia Series, Circle of Life, Illumina and High note; where diamonds, garnet, ruby, sapphire and aquamarine – to name a few – have been interwoven with gold and silver according to themes that mirror the elements and reflects her passion for life.

Wendy has constantly challenged the traditional methods and continually by honing her skills in jewellery making. She believes that only by understanding and mastering the skills, can one transform ideas into tangible works of art with the artist’s original inspirations intact.

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